Frequently Asked Questions

1 Mistress 1 1/2 hrs minimum - 4k
2 hrs - 6k
3 hrs - 7k
4 hrs - 10k
24 hrs - 20k

For 2 Mistresses, Mistress and sub, Mistress and Master pls inquire in private.

How can I make a booking?

Easy. The initial contact is BY EMAIL ONLY! Fill out the form below or send an email to, we will contact you back in within an hour. Remember, if you are in Thailand, provide us with the telephone/mobile number, line or whatsapp so we can call you and confirm.If the chosen Mistress is unavailable for the moment, somebody else will call you. You can have a session (or more) two hours from the moment you have send us the booking form.
This is my first time.

Whether your experienced or not we can assure you of a fulfilling time. We are very approachable and we can explore your fantasies together.

I am married or worried about disclosure.

Don't worry - what goes in our side is strictly confidential. As are any details you may disclose in your application or person. We do expect the same courtesy from you.

I don't want to be marked.... is that a problem.

No - if you tell us that from the start we will not mark you. You should be realistic here in your requirements. There's no point asking to be caned hard and then saying you don't want marks. Some instruments will mark even when used lightly. We do have a range of instruments that will hurt without leaving visible marks.

I have a medical condition - will that make a difference.

Not necessarily but again you should be honest in your booking form so we are aware or your medical history.

I don't like pain.

Pain is only one element of BDSM. The primary element in our sessions are sensuality and control. Not all people enjoy the more painful elements as your Mistress we will respect your limits at all times.

What sort of limits and safeguards are there?

During role-play sessions we always give you a safe word that tells us you are at your uppermost limit. If you are gagged then we use alternative symbols.

If I use my safe word is that the end of my session?

No. We will move onto another game.

Can I bring my own special toys or items (such as ladies clothing) to the session?

Yes of course, if that is part of your fetish.

What is the shortest session you do?

The minimum session time is 2 hours

Why do you not have a phone number showing on this website?

Because of persistent time wasters who just wanted a chat. We are not here for phone sex. If you have a 'genuine' question then you can ask (by email) but if you are here to waste our time (and the answer is already on this website) then you will be put on our Ignore list.

What can I expect from a session?

All sessions are tailored to the individual. We expect clients to be honest in their requirements and complete our application form to give us an understanding of your desires.

What happens if I don't like what's happening?

Use your safe word - that's what its there for! The safe word can be used when things may not be painful but you just don't like what's happening.

I have a fantasy that I would love to act out but am worried you will laugh or be disgusted.

In our wealth of experience we have seen and administered various scenarios, we get pleasure from new and varied inventive requests.

What are your equipment like?

We are well equipped with a wide range of tools, restraints and implements.

What happens at the end of a session?

At the end of the session you may discuss the session and future sessions you may require or anything else that you want. This is a cooling off period before we leave to give you some time to adjust back into the 'normal' world.

Are couples welcome?

Yes, couples of all orientations are welcome

Will you accept female subs and slaves?

Yes - Mistress can offer female subs a range of BDSM session activities. Please contact us for further details.