Booking Information

Please fill in the form below.  We read all messages as soon as we can.  You can book well in advance if you wish but please follow it up with another email 1 day before the actual session.  We need your phone number so that we can ring you back to make the final arrangements.  Also make sure you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section first as we will not repeat information already covered there.

If the form does not work you can email with the same details listed in the form.  Emails which do not contain the requested information will be ignored.

Be frank, but be respectful. We have heard it all before and we are not shy.  If you have sent a genuine email and is has not been answered then please try again, it is possible that it never got through the first time.

For new client who want a submissive, they WILL be accompanied for their personal security, the the companion will wait 'outside' you accommodation discreetly for the required time. At all times we follow safe, sane and consentual practices.

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