Mistress Jasmin

Hello there, the first step has been made, you are here, in front of my picture and you are wondering if I am the right choice for you.

Well, from my point of view, YOU are my right choice! And that is because I don’t care how you look, how you act, what’s your age, if you are shy, sexy, fat, slim, clever or whatever. I only care of the games I am going to play with you and that is because I want to go back afterwards relaxed and fulfilled. If you can make me happy the way I want, than you are in the right place. I want you to feel what I like and to obey to me so as we both will be happy. I don’t know yet how far do you want to go, but I will find it up and I will move each time one step further; and that’s because I could be a very generous Mistress once you are a good, obedient slave.  

I love total submission from your side and I will use my tools on your body, either you expected or not. During the sessions, you will be my slave and nothing more. I know you get aroused only thinking of what I can do to you; well, believe me, what you think I will do to you is just the beginning. And when you will see my slim fit body, my costume and my tools, you will get so aroused that I will have to put you in hard bondage. Do you want to know more? Book here. Oh, and by the way,